Heusinkveld Engineering – Car Steering Forces Explained

Heusinkveld Engineering – Car Steering Forces Explained

Force Feedback is a much discussed topic within the sim racing scene. Debates about the actual realism of the forces felt when driving a virtual car, often end in a small war between believers and non-believers. Reading many of these discussions, we sometimes get the feeling that not only everyone is a DJ, but also a self-taught engineer.

But what should we feel when we fire up the simrig? Why not just ask a real engineer.

In his latest video, Niels Heusinkveld of Heusinkveld Engineering talks about vehicle dynamics and performs some practical tests in the simulator to explain the major factors that combine into the ‘steering feel’ of your real or virtual (race) car.

Founded in 2012, Heusinkveld Engineering is a Dutch company that offers cutting edge race simulation solutions for the real and virtual racing scene, ranging from advanced vehicle simulation software to high-end simulator hardware.

Official Webpage – www.h-engineering.net 


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