Thrustmaster “True” QR Review

Final thoughts on the Thrustmaster True quick releas kit from Peter Makes Things. I always enjoyed using my Thrustmaster wheels when I was regularly using them. The only thing that I didn’t like was the quick release system. Not because it didn’t work, but because I had to unscrew the phillips head screw to change my wheels. I don’t use a Thrustmaster wheel as my go to wheelbase anymore. But it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how a true quick release system can make life a lot easier for those who do use a Thrustmaster wheelbase on a daily basis. This “True” quick release system takes easily sourced, and inexpensive eBay quick releases, and turns them into a very nice upgrade for your Thrustmaster wheel collection. The ability to quickly change between different
wheels is always a plus no matter what wheelbase you drive. Using custom designed 3D printed PLA and PETG parts this kit is easy to assemble and tune. The included shim selection should get
your quick release connection nice and tight. I have included a link to Peter’s video in this video’s description section on how to use these shims to tune your fitment. So look for it there. You can purchase this kit from peter on eBay. I will also provide a link to that listing. Overall I think this is a great product. And if you are looking for a real, or “True” quick release system for your Thrustmaster kit, you should have this one on you short list.


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