Sim-Lab Fanatec Podium Mount Review

Final thoughts on the Sim-Lab Podium Wheelbase Mount. Anytime you have a Direct Drive wheelbase, it’s good practice to make sure you have a solid mounting assembly. This will guarantee that you get all the fine details that these systems are capable of delivering. The stock flat wheelbase mount deck that comes with the P1-X cockpit is great for mounting belt or gear driven force feedback wheelbases. But once you mount a Direct drive wheelbase to it, you can detect some flex in that flate plate when running
at higher torque levels. The new Podium mount from Sim Lab is a noticeable improvement in the way the DD2 feels now. I can feel more of the finer details that this direct drive motor can produce. Being able to mount the DD2 using the M8 sized holes in the sides of its case, provides the proper bracing for this high torque motor. Using the M6 holes on the bottom of the wheelbase as you
may imagine, does not give as solid a result. And the full potential of the DD2 cannot be realized when mounted that way. The materials used in this kit are all high quality bits. And coming from the guys at Sim-Lab I would expect nothing else. Another bonus here is that if you have a profile cockpit that is not a Sim-Lab brand. You can still use this mount if you have your own profile pieces cut to the proper length use them in place of the ones that come in the kit. So, if you have a Fanatec Podium wheelbase and need a proper way to mount it to your profile cockpit, you should be looking hard at this solution.

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