NLR Traction Plus Platform Review

Final thoughts on the Traction Plus Platform from the guys at Next Level Racing. The first thing you notice about this unit is the heft and solid, commercial level build quality. Manufactured by Motion
Systems. An established builder of motion simulation solutions. Everywhere I looked, I could see that the Traction Plus Platform was built to last and take some abuse. Thick 4mm steel plate is used
through out in this build.  A testament to this is the 101lbs that each of these modules weigh. You will need a friend to properly handle these motion units. The parts used in the mechanical sections of the Traction Plus also look be of very good quality. With solid engineering theory like the heavy duty chromed rails to guide the multiple pulleys used to maneuver the motion sections. Adding a nice
sealed bearing configuration to help the those pulleys track straight. Which reduces wear in those areas. The use of cogged toothed belts and gears to move the modules creates a smooth and relatively quite ride. I like the way that there are access panels in all the right places to ensure that the owner will be able to properly maintain and even execute repair if needed. I could see that if you ever needed to replace a belt, it would be something that most could do without too much problem. The software package that is used to tune this unit is easy to use. With what I think are intuitive tuning controls for making changes. The addition of the Motion Post Processing section will give the owners who love to tweak settings plenty to play with. Of course the real magic here happens when driving the Traction Plus Platform. Now I had a motion platform with a Yaw element for a few years. Which operated like most we see today. Using a static pivot point on the front of the chassis and moving the rear of the chassis for inducing Yaw. The Traction Plus unit uses a different take on this. Using a front and rear module that can move in a lateral direction independent of each other. Which not only does Yaw, but also give us a Sway element that is quite convincing. If you have never been in a motion cockpit that has a real Sway function, you are in for a treat. The feel of a cars chassis as it enters, apexes, and exits a corner has never been so immersive to me. You can feel the cars weigh transfer from side to side as it loads and unloads the suspension. The Yaw and Sway elements work seamlessly together to give you a motion experience that you have to feel for yourself to fully understand the impact it has on immersion. I actually turned down the V3 seat movers pitch and roll to very low levels. Especially the roll element, as the Traction Plus unit made roll less relevant with its convincing Yaw and Sway movements. From what I have seen, and felt so far of the Traction Plus Platform. I would not hesitate to recommend it for someone looking to add a very immersive Yaw and Sway element to their cockpit. It is certainly built to commercial use standards. With around 400 hours of use in mostly a convention environment, this unit is still going strong with no issues that I could detect. It comes with a 2 year warranty for home use, and a 1 year warranty for commercial use. Which says that the manufacturer of this unit has high confidence in the durability of the Traction Plus Platform. But, all is not perfect here yet. Next Level Racing only had profile for Assetto Corsa that was ready for use at the time of this review. I was told that a profile for iRacing would be released soon. Also with a stated weight limit of 518lbs or 235 kilos, you will have to put some effort into meeting that limit when planning to mount you own rig to this unit. Which I’m sure some of you are thinking about while watching this review. I know I am. Now I’m sure there will be a lot of “it cost too much” comments about the Traction Plus Platform And at 6000.00 I would readily agree that it is expensive. However, if you consider who manufactures this unit, the build quality used here, and especially the added level of immersion it is capable of bringing to you existing cockpit whether it already has a motion element of not, I think those who have the means to purchase the Traction Plus Platform, will be able to see the value here.


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