Z-Ring Podium Wheelbase QR Flex Reducer Review

Final thoughts on the Z-Ring shaft adapter for the Fanatec Podium Series Wheel bases. First I want to make sure the guys at EKSimracing get full credit for designing this rather clever solution to
allow owners of the Fanatec Podium Series wheelbases to eliminate any flex they may have in their quick release connections. They also have a design for the complete wheelbase side shaft that may eliminate any flex moving forward. All you need is a 3D printer, or friend with a 3D printer to make one. Once that’s done, it’s simple matter of swapping out the rubber band and gold washer for you newly printed unit. Then just install your wheels as is normally done on the Podium Series wheelbases. And start enjoying your new found increase in wheel to Wheelbase
connection firmness.

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