Trak Racer TR8 Cockpit Review “The Build”

Final thoughts on the build process for Track Racers TR8 Sim Racing Cockpit. This is Part one of a two part video review series on the TR8. This one is called the  “Build”. Make sure you look for part two of this review called the “Setup” I have to say that everything about this cockpit has a very stiff and sturdy feel to it. Using 2″ or 50mm tubing that is 2mm or 3/32″ thick. Adding bracing and double sided welds in all the right places, brings it all together to produce a very sturdy cockpit result indeed. Of course we still have to configure this cockpit with our hardware and spend some time running it to reach a final conclusion on its performance. Which we will do in part 2 of this review. The pedal tray seems to have plenty of range to be able to dial in you preferred pedal position. I like that the TR8uses a series of holes instead of a smooth slot in its angel adjustment mechanism. And this theme carries on the Wheelbase brackets adjustment range. Speaking of which, based on its design and the way it clamps on to the top tube of the upper frame section. It looks to be able to provide a very stiff and flex free wheelbase mount. The custom seat used is kit is a one piece fiberglass design. I wish more cockpits came with this type of seat instead of the adjustable back type of seat. It has plenty of thick foam padding which should allow it to fit a lager range of body types. So far the TR8 kit is looking like it will provide a very solid driving experience.


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