Ascher Racing F64-USB Wheel Review

Final thoughts on the new F64-USB wheel from Ascher racing. Whenever I get a piece of hardware from Martin I expect to receive a top shelf, polished product. And the F64 is exactly that. The fit and finish on this wheel is top flight everywhere I looked. Attention to detail is what Ascher Racing products are known for, and the F64 maintains this expectation quite nicely. The buttons on this wheel have a nice stiff feel to them. And you have to really press one with purpose to activate it. Which to me is a good thing. You won’t’ have to worry about accidentally activating a switch on this wheel. The 7 way joysticks are, as usual a treat to use. They have nice tactile feel to all of their movements. The four rotory switches are also on par with the 7 ways when it comes to tactile feel. And give use a sense of continuity with the rest of the F64s controls. The two 12 way rotory switches are also top flight units that have a nice detent spacing and feel. The shifters on the F64 are the same ones used on the F28-FC wireless wheel that I reviewed a while back. They offer a very crisp, firm, and tactile feel when activated. And it’s very easy to tell that you have made a shift. Now they are rather loud. So keep that in mind if you race in close proximity to someone trying to sleep. The dual clutch feature on this wheel is something I personally like to have, as I do some races with a standing starts.  Allowing you dial in a constant no spin start for those types of events. Setting up the bite point on the F64 couldn’t be easier. And the fact that you can adjust the bite point in full percentage points as well as points in a tenth of a percentage point makes it easier to dial it in where you want it. The bite point engages in less than 20ms so you won’t’ have the delay that is present in some other dual clutch solutions. Another bonus with the F64 is the configuration software that is included here. Easy to use, and some great options to get you wheel setup to your own personal taste. Overall the F64-USB wheel has met the very lofty expectation levels I had for it. And should be on your short list of wheels if you are in the market for one.


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