Turn Racing R20 Wheel Review

It’s good to see that Zack is paying attention to user feedback on his wheels. And implementing changes where he thinks they will do the most in improving the user experience. This is
quite evident in the R20’s result. Now using a 5mm thick aluminum plate for the wheels center section. It has added a stiffer feel when in use over the previous R1 wheel. Which uses a 4mm thick plate. And as you may already know by watching my videos, the SRG is always looking for Sim racing hardware with the lease amount of flex possible. The bottom wheel spoke is a bit longer, and the side spokes have new thinner profile. These changes allow more room in the wheel for larger button plate designs. I was able to fit both the medium and
large sized Ascher Racing button plates into this wheel. With the R1 I was only able to fit the medium sized button plate. Having more options for button plate selection is always a good thing. The grips on the R20 are just a bit smaller in diameter than the R1. It is noticeable when switching back and forth between the two wheels. I could go either way here. So, this change does not have very much impact on the overall feel between them. Of course how a wheels grip feels couldn’t be much more subjective I think. And the only way to know if you
will like the way a grip feels is to try it yourself. The suede leather wrap on the R20 is well done. And all of this is done by hand on each wheel produced. Which is no easy task. If you have ever tried to do this yourself you know what I mean here. I have no problems with fatigue or cramps in my hands when using the R20 to race. Even on longer stints. I am torn a bit here between the R1 an R20. But I think the thicker aluminum used on the R20’s center section may be the deciding factor for me personally.


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