SimworX Pro GT V3 LC Pedal Review

I like it when a Sim hardware company takes a different approach to designing a Sim Racing pedal set than most other manufacturers. Using pneumatic cylinders for a dampening feature is something I have not seen in the SRG for a long time. While using air compression as a damping solution, is not a new concept. I think it fits this application quite well. I believe that the guys at Simworx have done a good job at tuning these pneumatic cylinders for the job at hand. The result is a smooth repeatable feel  in the pedals stroke. When using the throttle pedal, I found it easy
to modulate the stroke here. Providing enough sensitivity to be as accurate as I need to be. While I found there was plenty of travel range for me on the throttle, some may want more. The brake pedal provides a lot of adjustment range to satisfy most I think. Once I was familiar with how the pedal adjustments worked, I had no issues dialing it in to my liking. And with a maximum of 140kg of pressure available, again I think most will be able to get the brake feel like they want. The clutch pedal was able to provide a feeling of pushing through the resistance of the pressure plate spring and lifting the plate from the clutches surface. It does have one of the shortest travel ranges of others that I have tested. I wasn’t sure how this would affect heel and toe work when driving. But was pleasantly surprised at just how well the short travel lent itself to this technique. I was up and running using heel in toe in no time at all. Happily stabbing away at the clutch pedal and never missing a shift because of anything it was doing. I actually became quite found of the clutch pedals action and travel. Now the overall quality of this Pro series set is very high. Consisting of 3mm thick powder coated steel plate in all the right places throughout its construction. And joining everything together with very good looking welds. When you have
this set in hand, it looks like it will be able to withstand a lot of punishment for a long time. This is the first pedal set I have had in the SRG that used the Linear magnetic position sensors. Contactless sensors should ensure a long life cycle here. Not only did they function without issue though out my rather aggressive testing, they also lend themselves well to the overall look
of the pedal set I think. Now this pedal set comes in at 1025.00 shipped to the USA from Austrailia. So, you will want to consider that when going over your options when looking for a pedal set
to meet all of your Sim racing requirements. Overall I consider this set to be a top tier unit. That will hold its own against other top sets available to the serious Sim Racer.


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