SHH “NEWT” H-Pattern/Sequential Shifter Review

The main casing on this unit is made from 3D printed ABS filament. Which is known for its toughness and durability. I did try to flex the case from the sides and only found one area where I could produce a very small amount of movement. But not enough to cause any problem for the internal parts. I thought the way this shifters internal mechanism works is quite clever. Pushing
down the shifter lever and rotating it 90° is all it takes to go from H pattern mode to Sequential mode. Using roller bearings to ride in the Derlin shifting ramps gives a smooth action to all of your shifts. With the notches in between providing a feel of actually engaging a gear. Of course, this action is much lighter than what you would find in a real gear box. Another plus here
is that there is no contact with the magnetic sensing electronics when making a shift. This does away with a wear point that other shifters may have. I also like the way the PCB boards that
contain the sensors are mounted with a spring suspension feature. Which will provide for better long term durability. Also of note here is the attention to the detail on this shifter. Little things like adding an additional internal plate to the design for protecting the cabling that runs the length of the shifters case. When driving the SHH I found it easy to come up to speed and produce accurate shifts. The shift lever moved smoothly between the gates. Allowing quick up and down shift combinations. I was wanting for more resistance to the shifting force. But I do think its
force, at the maximum setting, is in line with other shifters at this price point. I also ran the SHH in sequential mode. Here again, this unit did the job of letting you know you had made a shift. Nothing special here. It just gets the job done. Mounting the shifter to aluminum profile was quite easy and I was able to get as solid a mount as an ABS cased shifter can get I think. Still
as expected there is movement in the shifter case when driven aggressively. But not enough to ruin the experience. The SHH also comes with enough extras in the kit, like shifter gates and knobs, to give you good sense of value to the package. And you can get it in four different colors. With custom features available for additional cost. The mount you choose will also be extra.
But at the end of it all I think most will be happy with what they get in the SHH shifter.


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