Hybrid Racing Simulations Xero-Play QR Review

When it comes to using Direct Drive wheel systems, a solid connection between your steering wheel and the motors shaft is essential to realizing the full potential of the
Force feedback queues you DD system is capable of delivering. Now you could just bolt your wheel directly to the hub adapter on the motor shaft and that would be fine. But, if you use more than one racing wheel. Then a Quick release system is something that will make your Sim racing life a lot easier. We still want that solid connection
between the wheel and wheelbase. Previously the only quick release system I would recommend was the Q1R kit. But now we have the Xero-Play QR kit and it is every bit
as good as the Q1R. Constructed from 6061 aluminum, and stainless steel, it has a light weight yet very solid feel to it. And once clamped down, I was never able to detect
any movement or flex in the mating surfaces. I’m sure this result is due to the way the bottom of the mechanism presses the triangle mating surfaces together. And because of the tight tolerances used in their manufacturing processes, I did not have to make any adjustments to the clamp when changing between different wheel side adapters. At
least for the three that I have here. Something that has been a sore point for me and others when using the Q1R wheel side adapters. Where tolerances are not as tight. The Xero-Play has a nice finish on every aspect of the pieces used here. Which gives it a very nice professional appearance. But I would like to see the points on either side
of the top clamp plate rounded off a bit more to relieve the sharp feeling they have when releasing the clamp during wheel changes. It doesn’t affect the performance
of this system, I’m just making and ergonomic observation on the kit I have. Overall the Xero-Play Quick release is impressive in how solid of a connection it has. So much so that now I now have two quick release kits I will recommend when it comes to choosing a Quick Release system for Direct Drive Force feedback wheelbases. Giving
the Xero-Play the nod between them for what seems to be tighter manufacturing tolerances on their respective mating surfaces.


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