Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint Review

I have been looking forward to reviewing this kit for some time now. Finally, thanks to a fellow Sim Racer I know, I am able to put them through the SRG’s review process. This set
has some notable differences from the Pro pedals set that the Sprints are replacing. Where there was stainless steel plates used throughout the pedals now we have some powder
coated steel plates mixed in. I noticed that now there are nuts securing one side of the frames where before there were cap bolts on both sides of the frames. Overall the
build quality is up to the usual standards we have previously seen from Huesinkveld. Which is very good. The throttle was easy to dial in and has a lot of range in it’s
adjustability. I had no problem getting it dialed in to my personal preference. The brake is similar to Pro brake but with some changes to how the bumper stack is arranged.
Now including a spring to simulate the initial slack that most every brake pedal has. I tried every rubber bumper setup to see which I preferred. I ended up with the
thinnest one mounted. Of course the brake performs very well and it is easy to be consistent with your lap times with such a predictable brake feel. The clutch mechanisms the
biggest change from the Pro’s setup. It has a completely different look to it. I was able to dial it in to get a close feeling that I was using a real clutch. I was able to easily use a heel and toe
technique when I had the pedals set up for it. That is the best test for a pedal set I think. The pedal base that HE sells for the Sprint pedals did it’s job well as far as providing
a rather solid way to mount you pedals and have place to rest your heels. But, as you may seen in video, I think mounting the platform could be made a much easier task than it is
as configured. The U channel rails that support the mount and heel plates needs to be a bit wider to allow access to the screws with an Allen wrench. I was bit surprised to see
the solution to this access issue to be a set of hex head 5mm bolts. They actually turned out to be too long for use with 40 series profiles and the included roll in spring ball T nuts.
Just not the usual top notch solution I am used to seeing from the Huesinkveld team. Overall the Sprint set is well built, using strong materials, and top notch parts. Even though a lot has
changed between the old Pro pedals and new sprints. One thing hasn’t changed. They are still a great performing set of pedals that are a lot of fun to use.


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