Frex H Shifter+ Review

I’ve had my eye on this shifter for a few years now. And finally thanks to a fellow Sim Racer who was kind enough to send me his we can put it through the SRG’s review
process. According to the Frex website. This shifter is modeled after the one in a Porsche 962C race car. It has a short throw that reminds me of my old 2001 Honda S2000 shifter. It also has a very nice engagement when pushed into the selected gate. Creating a satisfying tactile click. It does not take much effort to make shifts here. And you do have some tuning capability using the shifters frictio adjustment screw to dial in your own preferred resistance. Due to it’s all metal construction, the body of this unit has a nice solid feel to it. I think Frex made some good choices here as to where to use aluminum and where to use stainless steel. With the stainless steel bits located at key
wear areas encountered when making shifts. Frex also paid attention to the details when designing this shifter. Things like the curved ramps milled into the shifters stainless
steel gate plate. Which helps give the shifter it’s smooth feeling action. In the look inside segment we saw what looks to be parts that should be easily replaced if the need should arise. I like the way the momentary buttons are used to signal shifts. Again a part that would not be difficult to replace. After using this shifter for a few days, I have become rather found of it. Now there is irregular spacing between the gates here. With the distance between gates one and two further away from gates three and four than five and six are. But not anything to really hinder shifts once your muscle memory has properly adapted to it. The side to side travel between the gates is more than most I have used. Still smooth and precise gate engagement makes you forget it’s there. But nothing is perfect and the one area I would like to see an improvement would be the available options for mounting it. Now don’t get me wrong, the front mount here does do its job. But I think having an optional plate that you could mount to the bottom allowing attachment holes down the side would improve the overall performance and feel of this shifter. Overall, I think the 460.00 price tag for this shifter is justified in the
build quality and performance that we have seen in this review. And I would feel confident in saying this is the second best H-pattern shifter that has been through the SRG’s
review process to date.


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