Dem Racing Simulators – D.R.S. Competizione Rig Revealed

Dem Racing Simulators – D.R.S. Competizione Rig Revealed

The Swiss DEM Racing Simulators company introduced their new upcoming D.R.S. Competizione Sim Racing Chassis wich is aimed at the home entertainment market.

Sadly enough, DEM is not famous for sharing media or details regarding their new ( and older) products, and it’s not any different this time.  For now, we can only show you a render of the D.R.S. Competizione and quote the statement that the rig supports most modern Direct Drive Steering Systems and professional high-pressure pedals sets.

Preorders will start in September and delivery will start in November 2019. At the time of writing, no pricing or further details were shared.

If the real product looks anything like the promo render, and the price is competitive with other rigs on the market, DEM might have a winner on their hands. From a visual standpoint, the  new D.R.S. Competizione chassis is looking pretty sweet.

We will keep you posted when more info becomes available.

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