Simucube SC2 Third Party QR mounting

If you’re like me. You may already have a Quick Release system that you are vested in. If you have watched some of my other videos, you will know that I use the Q1R system. And I have accumulated a few wheels side Q1R adapters over the years. So even though I personally think the SC2 Quick Release system is a very solid unit with no flex, I will still be using my Q1R system, which is a very solid, no flex system in its own right. Now all we have to do is get it mounted. And the Asher Racing SQR adapter plate is currently the only way to get this done. As you saw in this video, Simucube is using a non-standard or proprietary three hole pattern on the wheelbase side hub. The industry standard three hole quick release patter is a symmetrical 40mm PCD. The Simucube three hole pattern is a lot different. It is 45.5mmx45.5mmx52.5mm. So, you won’t be able to use the three hole adapters out there. Unless, of course you can find one with the same odd PCD measurements. I looked but couldn’t find one. But if you use the Ascher Racing adapter plate you will be good to go. I also liked the shaft clamp design that is used on the 24mm rotor shaft. Clamping both the outside hub and rotor shaft at the same time. Very neat result. So, now that I have my Q1R sitting happily on my SC2 Pro wheelbase I can get on with having some driving fun.


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