Precision Sim Engineering GT3 Wheel Review

Simon has been making custom Sim Racing wheels for a number of years now. And his experience shows when you have one of his wheels in hand. Truly a custom result. Features that you only see in a hand assembled wheel. Like the custom ordered Sparco wheel with a heavy carbon weave vinyl grip wrap and a nicely done Sparco embroidered logo. The button plate housing precisely CNC’d from a single piece of aluminum. With chamfering and seams in all the right places. I like the way separate button pods are implemented here. Raising the buttons, switches, and rotory’s past the plane of the rims center plate. Providing easy access to all the controls. And nice finishes like heavy decal material and the complex carbon trim plate the gives nice reveal between the rims hub, spokes and the aluminum button plate. The buttons on this wheel have a good tactile feel. As do the momentary switches. The rotory’s are what I consider the best I have tried so far in the SRG. With nicely spaced detents, and just the right amount of friction when turning it. And no play in the shafts. The PSE shifters are top flight kit. Providing a nice tactile click with every shift. Machined from aluminum and mated to a GT sized carbon paddle. Still I would have liked to see some kind of adjustment feature for the paddle’s lateral position. The hub that you will attach a quick release to is a 50.8mm pattern. So you
if you use 70mm patterned wheel side quick releases you will need to get the available adpater that PSE makes. Now, at 895lbs which converts to around 1120 dollars, this wheel
is expensive. And certainly intended for the serious Sim Racing Enthusiast. That only want the best for their driving experience. And the GT3 wheel from Precision Sim Engineering in my opinion, does deliver that regard.


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