GTOmega Sport Chair Review

I like that this unit has a lot of adjustability in it. Just the arms have no less than four different ways to adjust them. Of course you have the expected adjustments to height and seat angle that most chairs have. I was able to find a comfortable seating position. But would have liked the chair to go just a bit lower to accommodate my short legs and get my feet flat on the ground. The tilt spring tension adjustment had plenty of range to let me dial in a balanced feeling rocking motion. As for the synthetic leather used to cover this chair I found it to be one of the thickest seen yet at the SRG. Which would indicate a good wear characteristic. All the stitching was clean for the most part, with just one frayed stitch found on the whole unit. Now the one ding I will give this chair is for wrinkles in the covering on the right side upper bolster. Not something I would expect of a chair in at this price point. But GTomega did respond to the issue straight away and the whole seat back assembly will be replaced under warranty. Nice to see a manufacturer standing behind their products this way. Another noticeable difference with this chair is the weight. It comes in at 30kilo, or 66lbs. Not that mass guarantees quality but does decrease any noticeable flex when sitting in it. And gives some credence to the stated 150 kilo or 330lb weight capacity. Overall this chair sits nicely among other office chairs in this price range I think. And worth a look if you are in the market for one.


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