GT Omega Pro Cockpit Review By The SRG – Part 2

GT Omega Pro Cockpit Review By The SRG – Part 2

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the GT Omega Pro Cockpit. In part one, Barry showed us the assembly of the GT Omega Pro Cockpit. In part two, he mounts the sim racing peripherals and takes the rig for a test drive before sharing his personal thoughts.

The GT Omega Pro Cockpit is extremely robust and made out of Steel with black powder coating, comes with a full-size reclinable RS9 racing chair with seat rails/sliders. The cockpit can easily come apart into the 2 sections for easy storage.

Cockpit Content:

  • GT Omega Racing Chassis Frame (Very Sturdy Frame)
  • Drink Holder
  • Adjustable Wheel Mount
  • Rear Speaker Mounts.
  • Gearshifter Mount
  • Swiveling Keyboard Tray
  • Angled pedal plate
  • Full size reclinable RS9 synthetic leather racing seat with seat sliders for easy adjustment.
  • Extension bars.
  • Velcro pads to securely fix your wheel and pedals.
  • Assembly tools.


The GT Omega Pro Cockpit is available for € 425.42€ VAT included + shipping.

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