rFactor 2 -Monaco e-Prix Track Released

rFactor 2 -Monaco e-Prix Track Released

Studio 397 released the Formula E Monaco e-Prix track for rFactor 2.

This 1.765 km tight and twisty track is based on laser scan data and CAD from Formula E, ensuring an accurate layout. The new track complements the existing rF2 Formula E portfolio, which features the recently released “Gen 2” car, as well as the Hong Kong and Lester tracks.

The rFactor 2 Formula E Monaco e-Prix track is available via the dedicated Steam page for 7,99€.

You can also choose to purchase the ‘Formula E Generation Pack‘ which includes both the Gen2 Formula E car and the Monaco E-Prix 2019 circuit for 9,75€ or get the ‘Formula E Race Bundle‘, for 13,02€, which includes the Gen2 Formula E car, Monaco E-Prix 2019 and Honk-Kong E-Prix 2018.


Monaco – if you’re a race fan, the name alone conjures up some of the most evocative and timeless references in motor racing history. Its past and present will forever be ingrained in our racing psyche.


Not just a track with a long history, Monaco has stood the test of time. Cars have drastically changed over the many decades and look and drive nothing like the first ones that barrelled through the then quaint principality.


Today, in an era where even the ‘energy’ source propelling the cars is changing rapidly and calling into question the very notion of what motor racing is all about, the immense thrill of racing in a such a paradoxically unsuitable milieu remains. Formula E is taking its rightful place alongside other important racing series. Of course, Monaco must be a part of that.  And now, we in simracing are fortunate enough to experience this circuit for ourselves in real time…. today!


Recreating Monaco has been a huge effort, and it’s been more than worth it! We made it our primary goal to painstakingly bring to life this special environment with the highest level of detail. Starting with a high resolution ‘laser-scan’ as a base to create the track surface, we then went on to build the essential elements that make Monaco what it is. From the yachts and sailboats in the harbor that sit in the glistening blue water as the sun goes low, to the buildings and track side objects – it’s all there!


The 1.765 km track offers intense racing requiring high-concentration to keep the car out of trouble – good luck! We are especially proud to give to you ‘Formula E Monaco E-Prix 2019.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com


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