rFactor 2 – Reiza rF2 Bundle Update Deployed

rFactor 2 – Reiza rF2 Bundle Update Deployed

Studio 397 and Reiza Studios released a new update for the recently released Reiza rF2 Bundle for rFactor 2. The update features various improvements and fixes further improving the quality of the Reiza DLC pack.



The main change for the 1st update will be that all car skins (except the F-Vee) have been upscaled to 4k, added regions to customize the different type of materials within each skin.
On the preview below you can see for ex. the chrome on the splitter pillar and carbon on the splitter itself – these along with the higher resolution make the cars look substantially nicer and add some extra room for those looking to get creative in their skinning

The higher quality skins come with a small FPS hit when running larger fields, but this should be offset by the fact we have also lowered mirror resolution to use rF2´s standard, so performance should be slightly improved overall especially from cockpit view.

With the tracks, the main change is that we have fixed an exporting problem with VIR, Imola and Ibarra that caused road/curb texture sorting issues through the windshield of certain cars.

Generally, our content is less resource hungry then recent rFactor2 releases, especially the cars as our models have been optimized to run on AMS which is still a 32bit app. Some glitches have been reported while running lower graphical settings and while we have been fixing these, the gains from running anything below high detail for cars and tracks should be relatively minor.


Although the physics have remained largely unchanged, we´ve done some refinements to all cars, mainly to FFB by further reducing clipping reported for some cars. The steering lock range has been adjusted to allow a minimum of 10deg, and the default setting has been reduced for a slightly slower steering ratio in all cars.

Default setups have also been adjusted so cars are generally more comfortable to drive out of the box.

We´ve been observing some discrepant feedback on driving feel depending on the player´s wheel. We´re still investigating why that is, but one recommendation that has proved useful for many users is to increase FFB smoothing setting, especially on Fanatec wheels (or at least stay within default values for your wheel).

It´s worth noting there are some differences on the Pumas relative to their AMS counterparts; The Puma P052 runs on slick tires in rF2 (semi-slicks in AMS); the Puma GTE is based on original 1970s specs and runs on radial tires with softer suspension rates (vs the slick-shod, stiffly sprung AMS version which is based on modern Copa Classic setups). The goal is making the content more diverse and filling gaps better within rF2.


We have revised the AIW for all tracks to correct some issues that have been reported since release. The AI physics have also received some fine tuning for more consistent performance accross all series.


The main changes on the audio front have been to sound effects – here again we have been following S397 lead with their recent releases and applied the samples they have kindly supplied for wind, road, rumble, tyre scrub & skid and did some volume balancing to bring it closer to rF2´s standard, aiming again for consistency in those fronts relative to the experience with other rFactor2 cars. We have also adjusted engine volume levels for player and opponents following that same logic and done some polishing to some of our engine samples.


On top of these updates, we addressed various graphical glitches that have been reported since release.

In the post below you´ll see the current changelog for the upcoming update, which may still be updated as we undergo some final testing before release.

If you run across bugs that haven´t already been covered so far or even after the update is released, please continue to use the Bundle release thread to report them so we can try address them as we´re able.


We´re working on adding some special bonus content to the Bundle: Imola 1988 and 2001 layouts will be added free of charge to all who bought the Imola track or any pack that included it.

These, however, won´t be quite ready for the upcoming update, and will instead most likely be released in the following update towards the end of May.

The plan is to continue to refine and look into incorporating new features as they are introduced to the sim as well as trying to discover ways to get the best of these cars and tracks in rFactor2 – as we do we´ll continue to keep you informed through this topic 

In the meantime please feel free to continue discussing this release, your suggestions and bug reports in the rF2 Bundle Release thread.

Changelog for 29-04 update:

  • Upscaled skins to 4k for all cars in the Bundle (except F-Vee) & added regions to customize the different type of materials
  • Revised AIWs for all tracks in the Bundle
  • Fixed problem with VIR, Imola and Ibarra exporting that could lead to road/curb texture sorting issues through the windshield of certain cars
  • Added adjustable mirrors to all cars
  • Adjusted lock range to a minimum of 10deg, and reduced default setting for slightly slower steering ratio in all cars
  • Adjusted Max Steering torque in all cars to reduce FFB clipping closer to rF2 standards
  • Adjusted default setup for all cars for a slightly more comfortable out of the box handling
  • Applied S397 latest sound effect samples and settings for wind, road, rumble, tyre scrub & skid to bring it closer to rF2´s standard
  • Adjusted engine volume levels for player and opponents to bring it closer to rF2´s current standard
  • Added some relevant information to default setup notes
  • Adjusted AI physics for more consistent performance across all series
  • Reduced mirror resolution to rF2´s current standard for improved cockpit performance
  • Adjusted head physics and cockpit vibration to rF2 current standards
  • Switched off previously working mirrors from external view on some cars
  • F-Vee: Fixed missing front suspension from cockpit view; Reduced steering rotation to 720deg
  • Metalmoro AJR: Added HARD tyre compound option; Fixed Chevy V8 engine startup sound; Adjusted Honda Turbo engine performance; Fixed missing front suspension in showroom
  • Puma GTE: Corrected tire diameter; tuned engine for slightly more power; reduced steering rotation to 720deg
  • Puma P052: Fixed showroom reflection glow; Fixed excessive glow from brake lights; fixed z-fighting in mirrors when running lower graphical settings
  • MCR S2000: Fixed transparent unlit LEDs when running lower graphical settings

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com

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