Fanatec – DD2 Motor Update & Price Change

Fanatec – DD2 Motor Update & Price Change

In the latest Fanatec video, SimRacingGirl shares some details about the custom outrunner motors used in Fanatec Podium Series direct drive systems and explains how it differs from conventional in-runner motors.

[Quote] – Fanatec custom outrunner motors are specifically designed for Sim Racing. With an increased motor arm due to the distance created by placing magnets on the outside of the stator, the Podium Direct Drive systems are able to create more torque at lower RPMs to increase the detail of force feedback under all racing conditions. Whether you want to feel every surface change while rally racing, have more consistent lap times, or get an overall more realistic experience while sim racing, these custom motors will take your PC, PS4 or Xbox One to the latest frontier of driving simulations.

Originally Fanatec developed a special lower spec motor for the Podium DD1 Racing Wheel but it turned out that the product did not meet the specs. Because of this setback, Fanatec decided to develop a new motor for DD1 wheel and in the meanwhile use the DD2 motor in the lower spec models as an interim solution to fulfill the pre-orders.

The good news is that Fanatec now officially announced that they have decided to permanently use the bigger high-end DD2 motor in the smaller models. However, in the same press release, it is mentioned that a new DD1 motor is still in development, but a long way from release. Furthermore, DD1 owners will now also get 3 years warranty instead of the regular 2 years.

The less good news is that all of these changes come at a price. Fanatec stated that they are forced to increase their prices due to the extremely low margin they make on the DD1 wheel, in order to allow them to recoup the huge R&D expenses made in the past few years. The price change will be effective on May 7th (9:00 UTC+2).

Fanatec new pricing:

Podium DD1:

  • EU: 1199,95 Euro
  • US: 1199,95 USD
  • AUS: 1699,90 AUS
  • J: 159.900 Yen

Podium Racing Wheel:

  • EU: 1599,95 Euro
  • US: 1599,95 USD
  • AUS: 2599,90 AUS

The Fanatec  Podium Direct Drive systems are currently on pre-order via

Official Webpages –

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