DIY Ferrari SF70-H Formula-1 Steering Wheel Project

DIY Ferrari SF70-H Formula-1 Steering Wheel Project

Japanese community member SHINJI posted a video introducing his awesome DIY Ferrari 2017 Formula 1 Steering Wheel project. The wheel is designed to be a replica of the Ferrari SF70H steering unit as raced in the 2017 Formula One season.

Originally, SHINJI was planning to modify a Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On. After asking his creative brother for help, the duo decided to produce a fully handmade wheel from scratch, manufacturing the entire wheel body using a 3D printer. Currently, the steering wheel is being tested using a Thrustmaster wheelbase, but there are plans to also make it Fanatec compatible.

The SF70H replica steering wheel features working buttons and dials and is fitted with magnetic snap action paddle shifters. Interestingly, the LCD display is actually an iPhone 7 which is inserted into a dedicated smartphone bay on top of the wheel rim in order to run a selection of existing telemetry apps.

If all goes to plan, the DIY Ferrari 2017 Formula 1 Steering Wheel may become available for sale as a DIY kit. We will keep you posted when more info becomes available.


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