rFactor 2 – How To Paint Your Car Using The New Shaders

rFactor 2 – Original GT3 Pack Cars Updated

Recently Studio 397 introduced a new material system and new car templates for rFactor 2. For the creative part of the rF2 community who are creating their own custom liveries for the cars, the updated shaders also introduce a totally new workflow when editing an rFactor 2 template.

The new shader interface that gives you access to material presets, like Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Vinyl for decals and stickers, High Gloss paint, even with metallic flakes and where you can also tweak the lacquer tint. You have up to six different “regions” for each livery, which means you have up to 6 different materials. Being able to immediately see your changes in real-time, gives you the ability to tweak the final outcome precisely, with maximum attention to detail.

Studio 397 has already documented the workflow needed to create a new skin, but some people are still struggling to understand how to get the new paint shaders to work in rFactor 2. Therefore, community member Aidan Millward has created a convenient video which oulines the steps needed to bring your dream livery to life in Rf2.

rF2 Painting User Guide


Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com


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