Cube Controls Formula Pro Steering Wheel Review By The SRG

Cube Controls Formula Pro Steering Wheel Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of The Sim Racing Garage reviews the Formula Pro Steering Wheel by Cube Controls. As usual, Barry takes an in-depth look at the product and mounts it to his motion rig in order to perform a hands-on test.

Cube Controls SRLS is based in Italy and is a manufacturer of professional sim racing equipment. One of their latest and most noticeable products is the high-end Cube Formula Steering Wheel which is available in a Lite and Pro version.

All the aluminum parts of the Cube Formula Steering Wheel are CNC machined and anodized to increases resistance to corrosion and wear. The handles are fitted with molded rubber for extra grip and comfort. The carbon fiber front plate houses 15 quality push buttons, 2 on/off toggle switches featuring indication LED indicators, 4 front and 2 thumb rotary encoders, and a multi-directional thumbstick with integrated encoder.

Furthermore, the Formula Steering Wheel features a set of custom build magnetic switchless paddle shifters and two levers for the formula style launch control clutch system which also contains a dedicated thumb rotary encoder for clutch sensitivity control.

The Cube Formula Steering rim is compatible with most formula style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch PCD) and can also be connected to your wheelbase via an optional Cube quick release hub with an integrated electrical connector.

The Formula rim is shipped in an aluminum carry case fitted with a molded foam to safely transport or store your high-quality Cube steering wheel. Furthermore, the case also contains a high-quality USB connection cable and a set of button Stickers.

Besides the standard black design scheme, Cube Controls can also provide you with some highly customized colored versions of their Formula wheel rim and optional custom button stickers.


  • 13 momentary buttons, two of them with a “toggle” flashing led indicator (useful for pit limiter, neutral)
  • Two on/off toggle switches with status led
  • 4 front rotary encoders, two “thumb” rotary encoders
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • Custom designed magnetic switchless paddle shifters and clutch levers
  • Launch control clutch system
  • Carbon fiber front plate
  • Custom elastomer molded grips available in two size (27cm overall diameter thinner grips, 28cm overttal diameter thicker grips. )
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Wheel hub compatible with all formula style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1 inch PCD)
  • Weight :  910 gr 27 cm  and 980 gr 28 cm
  • VR friendly
  • Custom designed clear button caps




  • Formula steering wheel Pro – €999.00 + shipping
  • Formula steering wheel Lite – €899.00 + shipping

Official Webpage –


  • Cube Custom Formula Wheel

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