Reiza rFactor2 Bundle previews

Reiza rFactor2 Bundle previews

Back in July last year, Reiza Studios announces a new partnership with Studio 397 for the release of the Reiza rF2 Bundle.

Following a delay in development, Reiza Studios are now pleased to confirm the Reiza rFactor2 Bundle DLC development is back on track. The delay has had its benefits, as the extra time has enabled the development team to implement new features in compliance with the latest rF2 developments.

Originally the DLC was announced to feature 4 cars and 2 tracks being the Metalmoro AJR, Metalmoro MR18, MCR Sports 2000, and the Formula Vee car models and the Brazilian Guaporé and Ibarra circuits.

Reiza Studios now confirmed that besides the aforementioned items, they are also adding some extra content to the rF2 Bundle, which will make it even greater value than before. The new cars and tracks are reported to already be in an advanced stage of development.

Pricing is not yet confirmed, but earlier, Reiza Studios estimated the price to be close to standards of other rFactor 2 DLCs.

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  • Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 2 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 3 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 4 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 5 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 6 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2 > >>

  • 7 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 8 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2

  • 10 Reiza Sudios DLC rFActor 2


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