Gamestul Home Revolution V.3 Promo

Gamestul Home Revolution V.3 Promo

The Russian simulator seat manufacturer GameSTUL has posted a new video promoting their foldable GameSTUL Home Revolution cockpit.

We first learned of the Gamestul Home Revolution cockpit in 2013. Back then, the product had been in development for 4 years, and the 20 prototypes build, resulted in two 2 patents. The latest promo video shows us the third generation of the product.

The GameSTUL Home Revolution is an innovative gaming seat that can be transformed from an office chair into a Racing/flight simulator seat and back in 10 seconds. When folded up the Gamestul looks like an extravagant desk chair, but with only a couple of moves, it can be transformed into a full-size sim racing cockpit. A perfect solution for living room racers or gamers with limited room space.

GameSTUL Home Revolution Cockpit


  • Unique patented design
  • Maximum rigidity
  • Triple functionality
  • Transport wheels
  • Plenty of adjustments
  • Suitable for flight simulators
  • An arm for Gearbox
  • Cup holder
  • Runners included
  • Anatomically calibrated fit
  • Suitable for king-size pilots
  • Perfect compatibility with the Logitech G25 and G27
  • Choice of frame colors
  • A choice of upholstery
  • Real homologated racing chair

Product Characteristics:

  • Compatible with Playstation3, Xbox 360, MAC, and PC
  • Compatible with steering wheels and pedals from Logitech G27, Fanatec, Thrustmaster
  • Durable polymer coating
  • Tested & used by professional racing drivers in Russia
  • High-quality real car seat
  • Maximum stability
  • High-quality materials and fittings


  • Recommended driver’s height: minimum 140cm, maximum 225cm
  • Recommended drivers weight: minimum 30kg, maximum 130kg
  • Dimensions: Chair mode: 60cm X 67cm X 145cm – Cockpit mode: 145cm X 67cm X 120cm

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