Assetto Corsa – DRM Revival Mod Update V1.2 Released

Assetto Corsa – DRM Revival Mod Update V1.2 Released

The DRM Modding team members are proud to announce the release of the third update for their popular DRM-Revival Mod for Asetto Corsa.

The DRM-Revival Mod V1.2 is now available to download. This new version contains some fixes and improvements and introduces a new rain tire and takes full advantage of x4fab’s Custom Shader Pack. Russian modding artist Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab  has been creating some amazing mods for Assetto Corsa which add a list of new features to the simulator such as dynamic lighting, flexible and damageable tyres, vertex AO, and new AI behavior. Furthermore, x4fab created awesome new custom shaders enabling wet weather and night racing.

For more info regarding the implementation of the x4fab mods, consult the DRM Revival manual.

For those who are not familiar with this awesome modding project, check out some more DRM Revival Mod posts on Bsimracing

DRM Revival V1.2 Manual

DRM Revival V1.2 Download

Changelog V1.2
All Cars

  • PHYSICS: Balance of performance of all cars carefully adjusted
  • PHYSICS: new tire called “rain” to use for wet tracks
  • GRAPHICS: reworked headlights and brake lights
  • GRAPHICS: reworked gauges and needles for a better view at night
  • GRAPHICS: reworked mapping of the internal windows
  • SOUNDS: added rpm limiter sounds
  • SOUNDS: performed sound tweaks and improvements
  • MANUAL: updated information about new “rain” tire and the support for the Dynamic Shader Light Patch

SUPPORT for the Dynamic Shader Light Patch by Ilja Jusupov:

  • new tread texture for rain tire (visible change of tread in the car setup)
  • vehicle specific settings for color, and shape of headlights and headlight cone, taillights and brake lights
  • improvements of the reflection into the cockpit view
  • working wiper animation for all cars

IMPORTANT: The Shader Patch is optional. The DRM REVIVAL MOD works well without this Patch !!!

RMT 120

  • GRAPHICS: added the missing internal windows and reflection
  • GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper


  • GRAPHICS: fixed the missing reflection of gauges
  • GRAPHICS: correction of driver eye position
  • GRAPHICS: alternative texture of the steering wheel used in the skin number RC_9, RC_40, RC_52


  • GRAPHICS: fixed the driver arms animation and position
  • GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper


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