The Slightly Mad Studios Mad Box Final Concept

The Slightly Mad Studios Mad Box Final Concept

Just after New Year, Slightly Mad Studios CEO and founder Ian Bell, surprised us all with a series of Tweets, revealing that SMS is planning to develop a next-generation gaming console named “Mad Box” that will support VR and 4K gaming.  In Ian’s own words, the Mad Box will be “the most powerful console ever built”.

A day later, Ian posted some early concept images showing us how the Mad Box might eventually look, and asked the community to share their ideas and design recommendations.

Now Ian shared some images showing us the selected design which should be the finalized concept Slightly Mad Studios will follow while developing the actual console.

Ian Bell tweeted: The public have spoken and we’ve listened. This is the design we’re going with. It might be slightly amended over time… Thanks all for your responses which have helped to guide us. He also Tweeted: Wait until you see our controllers 🙂 Hard at work now with suppliers…

The rendered image shows us a very slender, yet visually pleasing futuristic looking console case with RGB lighting and a touch-enabled front panel which can display visuals that can adapt to the running app, game, or box orientation.

The current design would allow the Console to be used both in a horizontal or vertical orientation and would feature a wall-mount solution. Interestingly, keen observers will have noticed that the front panel mock-up image lists a “Project CARS Revolution” title. While this could just be a simple placeholder, nothing can stop us from hoping.

In previous communications, Ian Bell stated that the Mad Box will become available in “around three years time”. While the current Mad Box design might look somewhat expensive to produce as a mass product, we are sure the world is ready for a truly next-gen console.

We would love to see this project become a reality, but it will not be easy. Let’s face it… You have to be Slightly Mad to pull this off.


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