iRacing Deployed 2019 Season 1 Patch 2

iRacing Deployed 2019 Season 1 Patch 2

iRacing deployed the 2019 Season 1 Patch #2 for their online racing simulation. This update contains a healthy list of fixes and improvements further enhancing various areas of the popular sim racing platform.

(Screenshot by Jean-Christophe Bouchat)

iRacing BETA Interface Update Release Notes [00.10.108]

  • Active Practice Sessions can now be launched from the Open Practice tab of the Official Series section on the interface.
  • The License column has been added to the Pending Sessions in the table view.
  • Performance improvements have been made for browsing the Official Sessions section at peak usage times.

Time of Day

  • Updates have been made to how Session Duration is handled using the Time of Day options.
    – – A reference table has been added to this section to show the duration of each Session type in a race weekend and if any of them exceed 32 hours in simulated length. This table is accessible from the Time Limit panel of the Session Options. – – A red warning pill will now be displayed on the duration slider for scheduling server time if the Session duration is exceeded.
    – – An alert message is displayed if any Sessions’ simulated lengths are in excess of the allowable maximum of 32 hours.

Time Attack

  • The Time Attack Results page has been completely rewritten.
    – – This should solve many of the issues seen with it in past releases and make it faster and more reliable.


  • When hitting “back” from League search, results are now auto-submitted to show the pool of results again.
  • Removed the pound sign (#) from the “# of League Members” column when viewed in table-view.
  • League Owners may now correctly boot League Members.
  • A confirm dialog has been added for creating a new League, as this action uses currency.
  • A modal menu has been added to recharge iRacing Credits when creating a League if you do not have sufficient funds to create the League.
  • Hosted League Session names are no longer being set automatically.


  • Checking off multiple tags now returns content that matches any of the selected tags, instead of all selected tags together.

Paint Kit

  • Fixed several issues where the Paint Kit could say “Changes Not Saved!” when in fact the changes were saved.


  • The Update button will now only be processed once, even when both a car and a track need updates when using the interface in the table view.

iRacing Simulator Update Release Notes [2019.01.09.01]

  • Fixed an issue where crowds would not fade correctly when the environment was foggy.
  • Fixed an issue with nVidia3D not rendering the sky correctly.

Heat Racing

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing a Session in a Heat Racing Event to back-up in time if one or more sessions prior to it ended up being skipped.

Pit Stops

  • Fixed an issue where a tire could move under your car during a pit stop with the animated NASCAR pit crew.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented switching to the “@TEAM” radio frequency using the “@transmit” chat command.

Admin Commands

  • Fixed the chat output error message for trying to make a user an Admin when the user is already an Admin.


  • Text chat macros now properly ignore any trailing “$” characters at the end of a line when typing macros into the chat window.
    – – The “$” character is only applied when typing commands into the text chat macro box and it indicates the command should be executed immediately, it has no meaning when typed into a chat window directly.


  • A new telemetry value, “DRS_Count” has been added that counts how many times DRS was used on the Formula Renault 3.5.

Dallara F3

  • Adjustable master cylinders have been added to fine-tune brake feel. A realistic range of master cylinder diameters has been implemented.
    – – Maximum pedal force and brake pad friction have also been adjusted so line pressures are in a realistic range.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991)

  • An update has been made to the V6 tire construction and compound. These changes should provide faster response without losing over-the-limit controllability.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • Fixed an issue where segments of the track could sometimes appear transparent.

The Chili Bowl

  • A new dynamic track initialization algorithm has been applied to this track, which adjusts the berm’s water content.
    – – This should make racing on the berm impractical.

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