Augury Simulations V-Series 18nm SimuCube OSW Kit Review By The SRG

Augury Simulations V-Series 18nm SimuCube OSW Kit Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the V-Series 18nm SimuCube Open Sim Wheel (OSW) by Augury Simulations.

Augury Simulations. based in Almería, Spain are designers and manufacturers of high-end Sim Racing solutions. Augury is most famous for their excellent turnkey OSW based Direct Drive wheelbase systems, but also retail a number of other sim racing hardware products such as high-quality wheel rims, DD Encoders, quick release adapters and a soon to be released high-end pedal set.

Augury offers 3 Direct Drive wheel solutions being an 18nm, 20nm, and 30nm version. All of them are available as eighter an H or V series product, where V stands for vertically mountable controller, and H stands for horizontally mountable controller.

In this review, Barry takes an in-depth look at the Augury 18nm version SimuCube OSW kit in V-Series spec. As usual, Barry takes a look at the technical specifications, disassemble’s the unit to have a look at the inner workings, checks out the mounting options, and finally mounts the unit to his motion trig for a hands-on test.

Getting Started Guide


The Augury Simulations V-Series 18nm SimuCube Open Sim Wheel (OSW) is available via the Augury Simulations website for 919.00 € + VAT and shipping. (The H-Series version is available for  869.00 € + VAT and shipping)



Augury V (OSW) integrates the most advanced simulation electronics so you can enjoy a true experience.

The core of the software consists of a SimuCUBE plate that is responsible for obtaining the Force FeedBack of the simulator. On the other hand, the IONI PROHC driver manages the power supplied to the servo motor driving intensity of up to 25A. The power supply unit (PSU) Mean Well supplies power to the unit in a safe and stable way.

Servo Motor

This robust industrial servomotor of the brand MiGE model 130ST reproduces the movements that the simulator sends to the Force FeedBack SimuCUBE controller. Thanks to the Direct drive Technology, we will obtain a quick and direct response from the steering wheel, as there are no belts or gears that could disturb the sensations. It incorporates a high-resolution encoder that achieves a precise positioning in each movement.

The 18Nm model delivers a power of 1.5KW and a maximum torque of up to 18Nm and is presented as one of the ideal options for its good performance. 186x130x130mm (LxWxH). 7.5kg.


BiSS-C (4,2 M CPR) Absolute 22-bit encoder with up to 4.2 million CPR. It allows the positioning of the servo motor in a precise way, achieving a supreme definition with respect to any other type of encoder.

Servo Drive

IONI PROHCAble to manage a maximum intensity of up to 25A. The intensity will be adapted according to the technical characteristics of each servo motor

Power Supply

SDR720W (18Nm / 30Nm)PSU with a capacity of up to 720W. The perfect choice for servomotors of 18Nm and 30Nm, so that they can develop their maximum torques in the most extreme situations.

What’s Included

  • Servomotor MiGE with BiSS-C encoder (4.2M CPR)
  • SimuCUBE plate
  • Servo Drive IONI PROHC (25A)
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) Mean Well  (adapted according to the choice of servomotor)
  • AC power connector module
  • Fuse holder (fuse included)
  • Quick Release / Adapter
  • Stainless steel case exclusive design for Augury
  • Electroluminescent lighting, Augury logo
  • Stainless Steel Servo Motor mount with Augury design – (adjustable from -10 to 20 degrees)
  • Emergency stop button (e-Stop)
  • Covers for the Servo motor connector to the Augury electronic box (Exclusive design) for protection against any manipulation
  • USB cable with ferrites
  • Power cable 1.8m  / Universal adapter is sent for countries with different connection
  • Internal and External connections against EMI (electromagnetic interference). The Augury electronic box, as well as the layout of the components and wiring, have been designed for the elimination of EMIs and any type of electronic noise that could affect the operation of the OSW
  • Screws included

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