DriveGameSeat – CARBON-RS Cockpit Chassis in Carbon Fiber Profile – CARBON-RS Cockpit Chassis in Carbon Fiber Profile

Over the years, the Sim Racing hobby has generated a massive market for purpose build Sim Racing Hardware. The days of a modest racing wheel clamped on a desk ar far gone for a lot of us. Those who got infected with the Sim Racing virus will sooner or later be on the lookout for a dedicated cockpit.

There are many turnkey cockpit solutions on the market, which will have you up and running in no time. However, some of us like to take their cockpit dreams one stage further and will go full DIY, or choose a more modular and expandable system such as an aluminum chassis built up out of 80/20 or 80/40 T-slotted profiles. While these are not cheap, they are light and extremely rigid, and with a little imagination, you can just about build anything you can come up with, and expand, or adjust the configuration to your heart’s content.

Now, what if you would want your Profile rig to be even stronger and lighter, or you want something that is more exclusive and Racing styled?

That’s where comes in the picture. The Italian cockpit company from Verona, Italy introduced their DriveGameSeat CARBON-RS Sim Racing Cockpit which is assembled out of carbon-fiber T-slotted profiles manufactured by who retail a range of CarboSix products including 45X45, 45X90 and 90X90 carbon profiles, tubes, round bars, rectangular bars, and sheets.

The T-slotted carbon profiles can be handled in exactly the same way as their aluminum counterparts and can utilize the same accessories, mounting and fastening systems. The CARBON-RS rig is fitted with a host of custom made (ed: and slightly Heusinkveld inspired) adjustable mounting brackets and comes with a quality Racing Bucket Seat in eighter Fabric or PVC leather look.



Included parts – CARBON-RS Cockpit (Step 3)

  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • OSW DD front mounting bracket, or flat Wheel Deck Bracket
  • Pre-drilled adjustable Pedal Plate
  • Fabric or PVC leather Racing Seat
  • Gear shift bracket
  • Handbrake bracket
  • Keyboard bracket
  • Mouse bracket
  • Integrated Triple Monitor Stand


While it is not listed on the official webpage, judging by the on-site images the custom brackets are available in a variety of colors. It is also not clear if a custom color choice would impact the pricing.


The DriveGameSeat CARBON-RS cockpit is build to order only and can be purchased via the official webpage at a price of 2.779,00€ + shipping. ( At the time of writing, it was not clear if the listed price includes VAT.)

DriveGameSeat stated that currently, orders may have a lead time between 20 to 35 business days.

As with many websites these days, the current DriveGameSeatonline store is very basic and only lists a minimum of information regarding the products, exact pricing, and shipping. Therefore, we would advice interested customers to contact DriveGameSeat by email for more details.

Official Webpage:



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