Custom Build Karting Simulator Chassis

Custom Build Karting Simulator Chassis By Yusi Macías Butler

Traditionally, sim racing news is scarce between Christmas and Newyear. Nevertheless, there is always something out there that is interesting enough to share with you all. While randomly browsing the web for some interesting sim racing topics, I came across a very nice looking DIY project.

Spanish Sim racer Yusi Macías Butler who lives in the Canary Islands is a member of the SODE Competition Sim Racing team. While his sim racing team mainly competes in iRacing, it became immediately clear that Yusi is also a vivid Karting enthusiast and a creative engineer. About a year ago, Yusi started a DIY project, building his personal Karting simulator.

The custom Karting sim chassis is fitted with high-quality Heusinkveld pedals, an OSW Direct Drive wheelbase fitted with a Karting wheel, a Heusinkveld sequential shifter with custom made mounting, a genuine Kart seat which is adjustable, and a genuine Kart fairing.

We think the end result is pretty amazing. In our humble opinion, Yusi’s home-build rig would easily make it as a commercial product.




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