SimAbility F1 Paddle Hand Controls For Thrustmaster F1 Ferrari Wheel

SimAbility F1 Paddle Hand Controls For Thrustmaster F1 Ferrari Wheel

It is great to know that there is a company out there catering for our physically challenged sim racing friends.

A few years ago, Glenn Sidman founded the SimAbility company which specializes in Sim-Racing Adaptive Controls. This way it becomes possible for people with a disability to take part in our wonderful hobby. SimAbility develops affordable solutions by providing hand controlled adaptations to existing sim racing gear from SRW, Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

Glenn introduces the SimAbility F1 paddles. The SimAbility paddles for the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel are the most affordable and easiest to install SimAbility product yet. They paddle set simply attaches to the back of the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel with strong two-sided tape. In his latest video, Glenn shows us the features of the product and explains how to install the unit to the wheel.

The SimAbility F1 paddles for the Thrustmaster Ferrari Wheel Rim are available at the Simability website for $178 + shipping. U.S. Domestic Shipping will be approx. $11, while International Shipping should be in the region of $22.

Installation Requirements:

The F1 hand controls are simple to install. No tools required.

What’s Included

  • F1Paddle unit with Coiled Cord and Carbon Fiber Gas/Brake paddles
  • Mini Connector Box, Connector Cable, and Clutch Shunt
  • Printed Instructions

Official Webpage –


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  • f1_paddle_01

  • f1_paddle_with_wheel02

  • f1_paddle_02

  • paddle_top_view

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