iRacing – Dynamic Sky and Day/Night Transitions Previews

iRacing – Dynamic Sky and Day/Night Transitions Previews

On the 4th of December, iRacing will deploy the 2019 Season 1 build which is packed with new features and exciting new content. We have already shown you previews of the Dallara Formula 3, and the Formula Renault 3.5, cars that will become available with the build. We also reported about the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval track and the Japanese Tsukuba Circuit which will be free for all existing and new members.

However, the most interesting enhancement coming to iRacing is the introduction of Dynamic Sky and Day/Night Transitions which have been in development for quite a while. The simulation now generates dynamic skies that change with elapsed time. temperature, humidity, and wind will change over time. The suns motion in the sky is realistic for the event location, date and time.

Tracks that have night lighting will switch during sunset/twilight. Stadium lights and headlights will turn on, and will turn off at sunlight. Clouds now cast shadows, and static shadows update dynamically as the sun moves. The sun, clouds, shadows, and general weather will impact the track surface temperatures.

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