Sim Racing Corner – Testing A 8020 Cockpit Build In VR 

Sim Racing Corner – Testing A 8020 Cockpit Build In VR

Jeremy from Sim Racing Corner has been designing and building a 40×80 Aluminum profile based sim-racing chassis based on the commercial Sim Lab GT1 Evo Sim Racing Cockpit.

To get his ideas visualized, Jeremy utilized the MAY-CAD design tool to come up with an 8020 racing cockpit which is easy and fun to build, and might also save you some money. (Video below). For those who are thinking to do their own build, Jeremy has shared the MAY-CAD files, project files, and parts lists of what is now dubbed the  ‘SRC Signature’ 8020.

  • Download the MAY-CAD files Here
  • Download the project files and parts lists Here

One of the more original parts of this project is the fact that Jeremy is testing his cockpit designs in glorious VR. With his HTC Vive VR headset strapped on, Jeremy has optimized his design process and can now easily detect and adjust potential flaws in the design. Using a chair, you can even sit in your virtual cockpit, check the measurements virtually hands-on, and get a feel of how the design will fit around you.

We will keep you posted when Jeremy releases more future build videos.

Video by  Sim Racing Corner



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