Sim Racing Studio Power Wind Tube Upgrade Kit Review By The SRG

Sim Racing Studio Power Wind Tube Upgrade Kit Review By The SRG

Back in March, Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviewed the Power Wind By Sim Racing Studio.

The SRS Power Wind is a very neat accessory to take your sim racing experience to a whole new level. The Power Wind simulates the wind pressure caused by movement varying the amount of wind, based on the speed of the car via the telemetry of the simulation platform used. This will greatly improve the immersion factor while driving open cockpit cars in your favorite sim.

Now Sim Racing Studio supplies an optional Power Wind Tube Upgrade kit which lets you enhance the positioning of your Power Wind airflow. Barry Rowland takes this kit through the SRG review process to find out how it performs.

The SRS Power Wind Tube Upgrade Kit package is on sale at the official Sim Racing Studio website, starting at $90.00

The kit includes the following SRS accessories:

  • 2x Fan adapters
  • 2x Air Straighteners Tip for tubing
  • 2x 4ft (1.2m) flexible tube
  • Screws to assemble
  • OPTIONAL: Fan base
  • OPTIONAL: Air Straightener tip with removable GoPro swivel mount

Official Webpage –


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