iRacing – The Dallara F3 Is Coming In The 2018 December Build

iRacing – The Dallara F3 Is Coming In The 2018 December Build

December will be an exciting month for all iRacing members. Two days ago, iRacing revealed that the Tsukuba Circuit and Charlotte Roval are coming to iRacing as free content for all. But there is more.

In an unexpected stream, iRacing announced that the Dallara F3 open wheeler will become available in the upcoming December Build of the iRacing online racing platform.

Formula 3 is the most successful racing series in the world. With its numerous European, American, Asian and Australian championships, it is considered, by all, to be the best school for professional drivers. The continued growth of this category has produced talented drivers who have gone on to win Formula 1, Sport and IndyCar series.

The Dallara F317 is an open-wheel racing car developed by Italian manufacturer Dallara for use in all Formula Three categories. The F317 is the thirty-seventh car used by the FIA-sanctioned Formula 3 championships. Although the F317 is only an aero-upgraded F312 chassis, it works as a replacement for the aging Dallara F312 chassis

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