SimXperience GS-5 Community Beta Testers Needed

We are now accepting applications for the SimXperience GS-5 G-seat community beta test, the final phase of private testing. If you feel you have the skills, discipline and time to participate in rigorous testing, please apply by clicking HERE.  

The SimXperience GS-5 is the second generation G-seat produced by SimXperience. Powered by strong industrial grade electric motors, the GS-5 is successor to the class-defining GS-4, which set the original high bar for motion feedback realism. With in-depth refinement and extended durability testing, the GS-5 improves on the GS-4 in every way with race-ready performance, comfort for long endurance races, highly detailed vehicle feedback and spectacular good looks!

Note that a login is required to submit the application form. If you are not already a SimXperience customer, you can register for a free account on our website and will be able to apply for the beta after confirming your email address. 


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