SR-Hardware Tach Stand V2

SR-Hardware Tach Stand V2

The British Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] developer updated its very popular Tach Stand with a brand new version.

The new Tach Stand V2 is a simple yet attractive solution for those who want to add a ‘plug n play’ USB Revcounter to their sim racing setup. The unit comes fully assembled with its own carbon look stand, 11,000 RPM, 80mm Stepper Motor Tachometer with a large green and red 2 stage shift light, optional peak rpm audible shift buzzer and its USB board.

The Tach is fitted with a toggle switch so you can turn the power on and off easily. The Tach Stand V2 comes supplied with a USB cable and Power supply. The controller software can be downloaded at the SRH website.

The SRH Tach Stand V2 is currently on Pre-order for £134.95 (€153,08 – $176,37) + shipping. SR-Hardware expects units to ship before the end of October. The full price of the Tach Stand V2 will be £144.95.

For more info or purchase, head over to the SRH online shop.

Product Description

  • Complete Desktop USB ‘Plug n Play’ Tachometer System.
  • Carbon Fibre Look Stand.
  • 4 Mounting Holes in Stand Base.
  • 80mm Defi high precision and high-speed stepper motor Tach with very fast needle movement.
  • External shift light, green and red with two programmable shift points.
  • Optionally the tachometer will beep when the second shift point is reached.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies.
  • On/Off Toggle Switch for Power.
  • Power Supply Included.
  • USB Lead Included.
  • Easy to install/use software (included).
  • Unique Pre-Configured Calibration .xml file for included SimDash Software.
  • Power Supplies available in E.U. / U.S. / U.K. and Aus (adapter).
  • Full instruction Manual included (.PDF Sent by e-mail).

Official Webpage –


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